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HAPPINESS / 20th mRH Congress (Venice)

Is er voor hen die bezig zijn met people management in onze organisaties een meer fundamentele vraag dan die naar geluk? Het antwoord is ‘neen’, overduidelijk. Nadat we de afgelopen jaren dieper zijn ingegaan op waarden (Stockholm 2008), engagement en vertrouwen (Bordeaux, 2010) en de collaboratieve aanpak van HR (Edinburgh 2011), zal de twintigste editie van het mRH-congres zich werpen op de zoektocht naar geluk voor onze medewerkers. We zullen het hebben over vrijheid, autonomie, welzijn, zingeving en bijdragen aan het succes van de organisatie.

Once upon a time…

Many tales begin with those words… And reality too… sometimes. Once upon a time, the leaders of a young democracy decided to include a new indicator amongst the many grading that classify their country: Raw National Happiness. This takes place in Bhutan, a small emerging country belonging to the same class as Cambodia in terms of Human Development (HDI) … a long way from the Asian El Dorado! Would it be possible to implement the same at company level? Should we not consider other criteria than those traditionally in place? Like happiness for instance?

The theme of this 20th Congress may seem paradoxical at a time when we are all undergoing an economic slowdown with perspectives of deterioration for our working conditions. To the contrary, the moment seems perfect to think about “happiness and management” during these three days.

We are convinced that the happiness of individuals at work – thus in their private lives, as the two converge – does not necessarily result from the first criteria that come to mind: high salary, flattering titles, exterior signs of success, etc. The sources of happiness may be unearthed elsewhere, and this is what we aim to do by identifying the action levers relevant for HRD and people managers.

The opportunity of enjoying the presence of company directors and scientists will enable us to enlarge our field of reflection and should allow each one of us to discover new avenues to counter the bleak climate settling down on us.

What better than a 20th congress to explore a theme that not falls under the scope of competence of HR but that touches it personally, like everyone else: how can we contribute to the happiness of others without questioning and taking action on our own happiness?

I hope that, by the end of this 20th Congress, we will all be persuaded that being a HRD is also being a DRH: Developer of Resources towards Happiness!

President of the 20th mRH Congress
Director of Human Resources and Communication at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc.


Wednesday May 23rd:

06.00 Meeting at the BRUSSELS airport
07.00 Flight to VENICE (Marco Polo)
08.45 Arrival at Venice Marco Polo Airport
09.15 Transfer to Molino Stucky Hilton
10.15 Welcome & Registration at the Hospitality Desk
11.00 CONFERENCE – Introduction Christine Thiran
11.45 CONFERENCE – Speaker Frank Vandersijpe
13.00 Lunch at Molino Stucky
14.30 CONFERENCE – Speaker Baudouin Meunier
15.30 CONFERENCE – Speaker Theo Compernolle
16.30 Coffee break
17.00 CONFERENCE – Speaker Bernard Delvaux
18.00 End of conference (luggage handled in rooms)
19.30 Gathering for evening dinner
20.00 Evening dinner at the Stucky Courtyard
22.30 End of dinner
Bar at the hotel

Thursday May 24th:

07.30 Breakfast
09.00 CONFERENCE – Speaker Isaac Getz
10.15 CONFERENCE – Speaker CEO
11.15 Coffee break
11.45 CONFERENCE – Speaker Eric Carlier
12.45 Lunch
14.30 CONFERENCE – Speaker Laurent Ledoux
16.00 Coffee break
16.30 CONFERENCE – Speaker Renaud Mazy + C. Thiran
17.15 End of conference
19.00 Transfer to Gala dinner
19.30 Cocktail Aperitif at the Terrazza Bar Canale – Bauer Hotel
20.15 Gala dinner at the Terrazza Bar Canale – Bauer Hotel
23.15 Transfer to the hotel
Bar at the Hotel

Friday May 25th:

07.30 Breakfast
09.00 Transfer to San Marco Piazza (continuous) > free time
10.30 Visit starting from San Marco Piazza (optional)
12.15 Transfer to La Giudecca Island
12.30 Lunch at the Patio Giardino at the Palladio Hotel & Spa
14.00 Free time
17.00 Walking buffet before departure at the Molino Stucky
18.15 Transfer to Marco Polo Airport
19.00 Check in at Marco Polo Airport
21.00 Flight to BRUSSELS
23.00 Arrival at BRUSSELS Airport


You will be hosted at the Hilton Hotel *****.
The Regent bordeaux
Venice’s newest landmark is a modern classic that goes beyond the classical, located as it is in the splendidly restored 19th-century Molino Stucky, formerly a flourmill and granary.

The Molino Stucky is perfectly situated on the Giudecca, the gondola shaped group of eight interconnected islands minutes away from Piazza San Marco and Venice’s major attractions. The hotel gazes proudly out over the Giudecca Canal and an unforgettable city skyline.

Molino Stucky Hilton Venice: Situation


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